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27Sep 2020

How Much Did our VMware Cloud Study Cost? – Running POCs

By |September 27, 2020|Business, Cloud, Data Centers, IT Leadership|

What’s the real value of a Proof of Concept (POC), and is there enough value to pay for it. I’ll run down the (sanitized) cost of what it took for us to run the comparison of three of the four …

24Sep 2020

The Demise of the Platform Team – Let’s Blame OpenStack

By |September 24, 2020|Cloud, IT Leadership|

Did you change your governance structure as a result of Public Cloud adoption within your organization? Have you found that application owners are still bypassing your centralized offering and going directly to Public Cloud providers? And finally, do you find …

23Sep 2020

Cloud Migration Rookie Mistakes – Virtual IP Addressing

By |September 23, 2020|Cloud, IT Leadership|

TCP/IP all things! The public Cloud is the ultimate software-defined network. By design, Layer-2 networking isn’t exposed to customers in any major cloud provider except for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For these networks, implementing concepts such as zero-trust becomes a default …

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