12 Oct 2020

Wrong Questions Only – What’s the Best Kubernetes Distro?

By |2020-12-19T16:08:25-06:00October 12, 2020|Enterprise Software|

I’m about as interested in Kubernetes distributions as I am Linux Kernels. It’s an implementation detail. At least that’s the theory. In practice, I’ve heard presentations from VMware, Red Hat, HPE, Nirmata, NetApp, and a host of other purveyors of …

11 Oct 2020

VMware Public Cloud Enables Infrastructure as Code

By |2020-12-19T16:08:27-06:00October 11, 2020|Cloud|

Are VMware public cloud options such as VMware Cloud on AWS cloud washing? Each of the major cloud providers has released a public cloud offering loosely based on VMware Cloud Foundation. However, VMware vSphere isn’t a private cloud. vSphere is …

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