Enterprise IT Experts Turned
Story Tellers and Advisors

Keith Townsend started The CTO Advisor LLC back in 2016 in an effort to create a job that didn’t exist at the time. Keith loves telling stories and helping IT decision-makers navigate an ever-changing landscape that at the time included OpenStack, Containers, and the hopes of deploying a private cloud. The CTO Advisor was born to guide organizations via advisory services. The team discovered an insatiable appetite for new-media content addressing many of these challenges.

Keith and Melissa pivoted the business to embrace the focus on research and new media. We’ve been rewarded by creating innovative research around hybrid infrastructure, which powers the advisory business. In turn, our advisory projects feed the research that powers the content.


Keith Townsend is a technology management consultant with more than 20 years of related experience in designing, implementing, and managing data center technologies. His areas of expertise include virtualization, networking, and storage solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. He holds a BA in computing and an MS in information technology from DePaul University.


If you are wondering, yes, Melissa (@MrsCTO on Twitter) is the brains of this whole organization. Melissa is responsible for ensuring the CTO Advisor meets its obligations to our customers and community. Melissa brings several years of entrepreneurial experience to the leadership team.

From time to time, Keith sits down with some of the most interesting luminaries in our industry. From the CTO of the NY Times to the Global Field CTO of VMware, Keith has some of the most compelling conversations in the industry.


Think of the CTO Dose as a coffee cup size of content. In the time that it takes to drink a coffee or two, the CTO Advisor team shares insights around industry trends as well as enlightening interviews with some of the industry’s best and brightest.