9Dec 2016

AWS Snowball Edge doesn’t compete with Nutanix but…

By |December 9, 2016|Blog, Cloud, Hardware|

I made a hyperbolic statement on Twitter. I claimed that AWS’ Snowball Edge device was a direct competitor to Nutanix and other hyperconverged platforms. It’s Twitter. Tweets like mine are meant to generate conversation. It’s equivalent to clickbait. Of course, …

13Mar 2016

Is Cisco All in on Hyper-converged?

By |March 13, 2016|Blog, Hardware, Storage|

I’ve wanted to write on the Cisco exclusive partnership with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) company SpringPath Inc. I wrote about SpringPath Inc. as part of my participation in the Storage Field Day 7 event. It’s a smaller software only play. They …

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