Navigating Multicloud Security Challenges: A Deep Dive into Prosimo’s Approach

By Published On: October 18, 2023

Cloud Field Day 18 recently provided a platform for Prosimo to shed light on its strategy for addressing the intricate issues of multicloud security and networking. While Prosimo has been a familiar face at Tech Field Day events, this presentation took a deep dive into their solutions for operationalizing multicloud deployments, focusing on multicloud security. In this blog post, we’ll take an independent analyst’s perspective on the key takeaways from Prosimo’s presentation.

The Multicloud Security Challenge

As organizations increasingly embrace multicloud strategies, they often grapple with ensuring consistent and robust security across diverse cloud environments. A recurrent issue arises when integrating services from different cloud providers, each with its unique security policies and methodologies.

Consider a common scenario: an organization operates an on-premises Oracle database containing sensitive data while utilizing AWS Lambda for serverless computing. Corporate policies strictly dictate that AWS Lambda services must not have access to the on-premises Oracle database due to security and compliance concerns. Achieving such access control in a multicloud environment with varying security frameworks can be a formidable challenge.

Prosimo Fabric: A Potential Solution

Prosimo introduces the Prosimo Fabric, an abstraction layer designed to harmonize dissimilar security objects and enable organizations to enforce access control policies across multicloud environments. In the example mentioned earlier, onboarding both the AWS Lambda service and the on-premises Oracle database to the Prosimo Fabric allows organizations to create access rules that prevent Lambda’s connectivity to the on-premises database. This offers a promising solution to the multicloud security conundrum.

Key Insights

  1.  Integration Complexity: The presentation highlights the ongoing complexity of integrating services from different cloud providers, particularly when dealing with conflicting access control methodologies.
  2. Prosimo’s Approach: Prosimo’s approach, represented by the Prosimo Fabric, seeks to provide a unified platform for managing connectivity and security in multicloud environments.
  3. Security Granularity: One notable advantage is the ability to enforce fine-grained access controls, ensuring that even services with incompatible security mechanisms can coexist securely.
  4. Operational Streamlining: The Prosimo Fabric aims to simplify multicloud management and reduce operational overhead by abstracting cloud networking and centralizing security controls.
  5. Compliance Considerations: For organizations navigating regulatory requirements, a solution like this can aid in maintaining compliance with industry regulations and internal governance standards.


Prosimo’s Cloud Field Day 18 presentation shed light on the ongoing challenges of multicloud security and networking. While we’ve discussed their approach, it’s crucial to remember that the multicloud landscape is vast and continuously evolving. Organizations should carefully evaluate their specific needs, considering security, compliance, and operational efficiency factors when exploring solutions like the Prosimo Fabric.

As multicloud adoption grows, independent analysis and a thorough assessment of various solutions are vital to ensure that organizations make informed decisions that align with their unique requirements. While Prosimo’s approach is one potential avenue, it is not the sole solution in the complex world of multicloud security.

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