Whitepaper on Containers

By Published On: April 6, 2021

The CTO Advisor recently purchased a really big pickup truck for the CTO Advisor Road trip. The job of the pickup truck is to haul a 7,500lbs trailer. It’s not a vehicle that I’d select as a daily commuter. It’s purpose-built for heavy-duty towing and hauling. Likewise, containers enable a specific type of IT operations and capabilities. By extension, Kubernetes is purpose-built to solve problems related to deploying containers at scale. We commissioned Kubernetes expert Larry Smith Jr. and storage expert Matt Leib to provide an architect’s introduction to containers. Note: Matt is now an analyst with IDC. This work was performed prior to Matt accepting the role with IDC and isn’t associated with IDC.

What 7,500lbs problem do containers solve and what’s the catch? The Whitepaper answers that and more.

Who is the paper for and what’s in it? The paper is targeted at the CTO/Enterprise Architect of an organization looking to undertake a container journey. It’s meant to provide a starting point for deeper levels of research.

Link to Download the Free Whitepaper

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