Good Content 2-24-2020

By Published On: February 23, 2020

Are you overwhelmed with newsletters with a dozen links? This post is the first of my weekly reviews of content I found interesting. The material may be new or something old that I just happened to stumble across. You can visit the site weekly or every few weeks for my collection of links. Do you want to get a weekly reminder? Sign up for the newsletter, where I provide a link to the most intriguing piece of content for the week.

What’s an Application Platform Architect?

Last week, I tweeted the question, “What’s a Platform Architect.” My friend and former co-worker, Joseph Griffiths, shared a whitepaper from the VMware Office of the CTO (OCTO). It was a little hard to follow in places but was overall a good read into transitioning to a cloud-aware infrastructure.

Digital Transcenders

According to ⁦PwC “Digital Transcenders” spend 33% more on plumbing than their peers. Back to my argument over the past few days. Just say, “Yes, cloud lift and shift is more expensive.” But, that is expected and the cost of the new capability.

The Staying Power of Kubernetes with Kelsey Hightower

For Kubernetes to be successful, users must not know that it’s there. That’s the opening statement from Google Developer Advocate Kelsey Hightower on Corey Quinn’s Screaming in the Cloud podcast. What’s Kelsey’s vision of Kubernetes for the long term and what should enterprises should be considering?

AWS is just Showing Off

If you are an infrastructure geek, there were two videos that my friend Ken Hui shared from re:Invent 2019.. The first is on how AWS designs infrastructures that scale and the lessons you can leverage to build apps that scale.

The 2nd video Ken shared was AWS talking about it’s Nitro Hypervisor and Nitro FPGA Card architecture. Extremely insightful for managing workloads in AWS.

GigaOM Leaders in Cloud Data Protection

Our friend Enrico Signoretti ranked the data protection companies using GigaOM’s new Radar analysis chart. In the leaders ranking are Commvault, Cohesity, and Veeam. According to Enrico, Cohesity rival, Rubrik is close to entering the leader space.

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