AWS Security Fundamentals

By Published On: September 2, 2016

I’m coming off VMworld 2016. A consistent theme I heard throughout the conference is the need for a multi-cloud strategy. Pat Gelsinger provided stats around cloud usage amongst VMware customers. A couple of interesting numbers were the average number of clouds providers per enterprise and that 50% of data will be stored in the Public Cloud vs. 5% today. VMware believes an average of 8 cloud providers exist within each enterprise. There’s also no consistent API across cloud provider. Without a consistent API, administrators have to manage several security, network and compute domains.

I put together a course on AWS Security Fundamentals for Pluralsight. The point of the course is to introduce AWS security concepts and features. Security administrators, network administrators and security auditors will find the course help. Here’s some highlights from each Module.

Overview – 32m 28s

Access Control 30m 4s

Encrypting & Controlling Access to S3 26m 10s

Logging and Auditing Access and Actions 23m 19s

Putting It All Together 10m 43s


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