What’s not boring about VMware and Dell

By Published On: April 18, 2016

I wrote about HPE’s composable infrastructure and why it’s not boring. Going up a layer on the Stack is VMware and why it’s not boring. I’ve often said that the most interesting thing about the Dell acquisition of the EMC is VMware. 

VMware sits in a unique position within the industry. While EMC just about completes Dell’s enterprise aspirations, VMware has the potential to lead change within the industry once again. VMware has attempted to get their cloud-native message out. It’s my opinion it’s due to the lack of focus on developers is falling on deaf ears so far. 

The simple fact of matter is that VMware is embedded into the large enterprise. The simply need to continue a product maturation that appeals to the right groups and solidify their execution. 


With a VMware hitting on all cylinders, it’s well positioned to move the overall industry forward. What my coffee talk as I discuss the topic. 

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