What’s not boring about HPE’s real hyperconverged strategy

By Published On: April 14, 2016

My Tech Field Day (#TFD) friend Enrico posted a well-timed article on the Register questioning the value-add of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to the overall server industry. He basically called the trend a race to the bottom for server vendors. His argument is that there’s not a ton of differentiation between HCI solutions. Of course the HCI vendors would argue otherwise. I agree that without a solid platform play there’s nothing especially brilliant about HCI from one vendor to the next. 

He also questioned where HPE is in it’s HCI strategy. I also wondered the same. They hadn’t partnered with any one. All the other large enterprise server producers have done so; Dell with Nutanix and Cisco with Springpath. Enrico asks the question what’s HPE’s strategy if one at all. 

Well timed question as I’m coming off a HPE Tech Day in which they invited some of us bloggers to check out their HCI solution. Long story short it’s boring. It checks off the box of what you want from a HCI play. But, when you couple it with the larger Composable architecture things get fun. 

In my latest CTO Chat I explain why I believe Synergy + Composable is HPE’s real HCI play.

There’s plenty of kool-aid in this vision. HPE isn’t known for rolling out super reliable software outside of HPUX. To capture this market HPE needs to reduce it’s time to market and reliability. All challenges that their customers face. 

One thing for certain HPE has gotten my attention. 

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