Devops, Docker and Data Center Telemetry – CTOCoffeeChat

By Published On: February 18, 2016

I’m a guest on this special edition of a Network Computing video series discussing Interop 2016 Las Vegas. In this quick hit Coffee Chat length video Lenny Liebmann grills (maybe not grill) me on three topics. 

  • Devops – Is adopting DevOps a people or technology problem or both? 
  • Micro-services – Should companies be fearful of re-platforming their applications to take advantage of micro-services using technologies such as Docker? 
  • Data Center Telemetry – With all the talk of Internet of Things (IoT) what should organizations do about all of data center telemetry data being collected and how does cloud play a factor. 

Finally what’s the story behind the jersey hanging in the back of all of my videos? 

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