Update on Dell Technologies – W/Howard Marks

By Published On: April 29, 2018

Keith, Mark and Howard Marks are all headed to Dell Technologies world. After the $57B purchase of EMC, what are the three impressions of Dell Technologies post-acquisition? The three debate if there’s an argument for an all Dell Technologies stack vs. Public Cloud. 

Show Notes 

2:30 – Defining Dell Technologies. 

5:30 – Dissecting DellEMC 

10:00 – Does DellEMC have a different mission than EMC 

11:30 – The new ScaleIO strategic direction and Software-Defined Storage 

13:30 – Nutanix’ software only position vs. DellEMC 

16:00 – The impact of the death of DellEMC Code (Mark calls BS on Dell’s open source strategy) 

18:00 – Is VMware better on Dell hardware? 

19:00 – NetApp’s messaging vs. DellEMC messaging on developers. 

22:00 – Complexity in DellEMC vs. VMware customer relationship. Does Dell Technologies now have the same problem as a pre-spinout HPE and a current Cisco? 

24:30 – Is Dell too big to find solutions to customer problems? 

26:30 – Is the Dell acquisition of EMC good or bad for the customer? 

29:00 – Is there an argument for an all Dell Technologies stack vs. Public Cloud? 


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