Quietly Judging with Amy Lewis – CTO Advisor 091

By Published On: July 23, 2018

Quietly judging our way into this week’s CTO Advisor Podcast, this week’s guest is Amy Lewis of The Geek Whisperers fame. This is a dual posted podcast as it’s the first VirtualizedGeek episode as we begin talking careers over on virtualizedgeek.com. We’ve often wondered about Amy’s career journey. She went from publishing to being a Marketing Director at a large publically traded software company. How did she make the jump? What advice can she give to others wanting to make a similar jump?

The CTO Advisor
The CTO Advisor
Quietly Judging with Amy Lewis - CTO Advisor 091
Show Notes

04:00 – Yes and? Amy’s first transformation

05:00 – Posterchild for women in tech (CloudCast Podcast Episode)

09:00 – Getting that full-time or getting fired

13:30 – Why pivot a 2nd time?

17:00 – The value of mentorship

22:30 – The importance of doing what drives you

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