CTO Advisor 061 – Lift and Shift Cloud Migrations

By Published On: September 16, 2017

Packet Pushers Co-Founder Greg Ferro joins The CTO Advisor for an extended conversation on lift and shift migrations to the cloud. Keith and Greg shares the risks (People, Process and Technology) associated with traditional data center migrations that have similar infrastructure designs and footprints. The conversation moves on to the associated risks of migrating unmodified applications to the cloud. 

Is lift and shift a less expensive model than on-premises datacenter? What about sunk cost around licensing, hardware and facilities? Greg once said that only poor companies go to the cloud. Does that opinion still hold true? What about VMware Cloud on AWS? 

Show Notes 

  • Packet Pushers Human Infrastructure Newsletter 
  • Keith’s blog post on Lift and Shift two VMware Cloud on AWS

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