Independent Analysis of Generative AI

By Published On: April 26, 2023

A cast of independent analysts comprised of, Keith Townsend (The CTO Advisor), Maribel Lopez (Lopez Research), Tim Crawford (AVOA), and Larry Carvalho (Robust Cloud) discuss the current state of Generative AI for the enterprise.

Chapters :

:50 Introduction

3:45 The Lens of an Enterprise Architect – Keith

6:50 The Opportunities & Concerns about Foundational Models – Maribel

9:30 The Impact of Productivity and the Workforce – Larry

13:40 The Impact of a “Blank Sheet of Paper” – Tim

16:00 Alternatives to the Public Cloud Providers – Maribel

18:45 Solving the Data Scientist Problem – Keith/Tim

23:00 Amazon vs. Azure vs. Google – Larry

25:50 Don’t Forget Data Gravity – Keith

27:50Edge to Cloud – Tim

31:20 Closing Remarks

The CTO Advisor
The CTO Advisor
Independent Analysis of Generative AI

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