Where to Start The Modernization Journey

Google Cloud engaged the CTO Advisor to test Google’s automated assessment tooling. Is it enough to build an application modernization program?

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Developers are a finite resource

To get the most out of public cloud migration, applications must be tailored to leverage the new underlay. However, developers are focused on creating new applications vs. updating legacy code.

The Challenge

Can operations leverage automation to replace developers?

With hundreds or thousands of applications within a given landscape, can operators leverage automation tools such as Google MFIT to identify a set of common low-level modernization steps during a large-scale data center to cloud migration?

What types of applications can automation cover?

It’s not reasonable to think automation can cover every migration scenario. Google Cloud partner SADA has noted some 3000-plus cloud application use cases. What types of applications fall within the capabilities of MFIT and the supporting tooling?

Where to next?

The scope of the CTOA project with Google cloud is somewhat limited by the size of the CTO Advisor environment. What lessons could be applied to larger environments looking to migrate large numbers of diverse applications to the public cloud?

The Goal

Identify the gap

The CTOA team wants to understand the scope of the challenge. The project will deliver concrete examples of technical skills needed to modernize a sample application migration using Google automated tooling.

Identify the edges

At the end of the project, organizations will have a sense of what applications are “low-hanging fruit” and what applications require developer assistance. Another consideration is what applications may be retired. The fastest app migration is the one you don’t have to move.

Filling the gap

Regardless of the automation capabilities, IT leaders are challenged to migrate as much of the landscape as possible. An outcome of the project includes identifying additional resources and the next steps for applications outside the scope or capabilities of automation technologies.

Migration Journey and Tools

Before talking about tools, you must identify a process. The CTO Advisor has developed a high-level framework for any migration journey. Below is a high-level breakdown of the journey.

Making Application Modernization Real

Google Cloud Video Series

Defining the scope of automated assessment
Hearing from the Google Product team
The results of CTOA’s App Modernization
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Google Cloud Migrate to Containers

Thanks to the GCP for sponsoring the initial version of the CTO Advisor Application Modernization Journey. To read more about Google Anthos Migrate check out the below links. 

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The Journey Is Just Begining

Let the CTO Advisor take your business to the next level or help steer you in the right direction, we’re all ears!