Uncover the 5-Steps to Multi-Cloud and Hybrid IT Mastery

By Published On: April 27, 2020

Multi/Hybrid-cloud is an inevitability for most enterprises and translating to more pain than value as complexity increases. You are likely trying to address cloud costs, security concerns, and service delivery demands all at the same time and it’s inefficient to tackle these as separate project silos. It’s also become increasingly difficult to manage the disparate needs of Developers, Operations, and Business teams working across traditional and cloud-native applications. The only way to scale is to embrace full-stack cloud management and unified orchestration. As a Gartner CMP MQ leader with over 400K workloads under management across dozens of private and public clouds, Morpheus has helped enable simple self-service IT for some of the most complex organizations on the planet. This session will share real-world lessons learned and highlight key design points to consider as you tackle your multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud journey. We’ll also spotlight integrations for VMware, Nutanix, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, and more.

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