How the world’s largest enterprises are approaching really-hybrid cloud

By Published On: April 27, 2020

.It’s a mistake to think that when enterprises talk about moving to the cloud, they mean only the public cloud. Many companies are running an even more diverse hybrid, between their own internal cloud along with the major public clouds addition. They do this to diversify the options for deployment of services within their organization, but it has led to a noticeable increase in agility and need for IaaS (infrastructure as a service). For large infrastructure shops, this means venturing into uncharted waters, especially on the network frontier. As the VP of Customer Success at a vendor that helps the world’s largest enterprises wrangle their infrastructure, Petrisa Pecnik has an intimate view into the inner workings of many an IT organization. In this presentation, she will share the patterns she sees among them, and provide actionable advice around avoiding the mistakes that IT teams really doing hybrid cloud make. (This is meant to be a very straightforward/get-to-the-point style presentation based on her experience and the patterns she sees.)

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