Be a Brand and Not an Employee

By Published On: April 27, 2020

When you go into professional organizations, you need a solid personal brand that looks and feels good, too. Sometimes to get the salary you desire or get promoted to a higher level, you have to enhance your personal brand to stand out at work. Employees find a way to only do what’s asked of them, but personal brands find a way to market themselves through their education and professional experiences. This personal branding can be experienced in the way you deliver your task, how you dress, or how you conduct yourself in meetings. Professionals with a branding mindset present their best selves every day and constantly work to enhance their knowledge. You will learn how to see your education, experience, and expertise as a brand. Attendees will learn how to adopt a branding mindset: 1. Stop undervaluing the tasks you do every day. 2. Value your relationships with internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, and clients you meet with regularly. 3. Start finding new ways to speak at staff meetings via presentations, briefings, and conference calls.

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