This ain’t ESXi on a SmartNIC

By Published On: October 1, 2020

A little more on VMware Project Monterey, I envisioned VMware taking the idea of running ESXi on a SmartNIC all the way to it’s natural conclusion which was virtualization of the network to support Telco RAN and services services. VMware did indeed announce the capability to virtualize Telco RAN and storage services using the power of DPU’s. However, the route VMware took was a bit different than I expected.

I recapped the important stuff from VMworld 2020 in this video. Let me caveat, this is important stuff as of my consumption of VMworld content to date. Because VMworld was a virtual event, I didn’t get the firehose of information I’m accustomed to receiving. I didn’t take a half-dozen briefing or conduct the typical 2-dozen CTO Dose interviews. It was a different VMworld for sure.

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