Hybrid IT Data Protection Maturity

By Published On: January 16, 2019

In the last 24-hours over $760 million has been invested into two companies that on the surface are IT backup products. With Cloud computing is quickly becoming a center for enterprise data, one has to question the valuation of these companies. The CTO Advisor has held the position that this data protection space isn’t about backup. It’s about the ability to leverage data regardless of the location.

Cloud computing companies will continue to add capabilities such as ML/AI and even Quantum computing that will not easily deploy inside the four walls of traditional enterprises. CTO’s will be challenged to leverage these services against massive quantities of data. The need for low latency to these data sets may very well become the new arms race in enterprise data.

It’s why I believe the $3.3 Billion evaluation for a company like Rubrik is just a drop in the bucket of the total addressable market for what we call data protection today. I created this maturity scale as a tool to help identify where your data protection/management strategy resides on the hype curve. While I haven’t published it until today, it’s already a year old. I’ve moved on to a “Data Infrastructure” framework. Let me know if you’d be interested I a private walkthrough of the framework.

Data protection maturity.png

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